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Touring the Miami Art and Culinary Scenes

Of course my stay in Miami was waaaaaay too short. How could it be long enough when I only had one night, following the conclusion of the iHeartRadio Pool Party. I could have spent two nights or more just learning about the Art Deco in Miami. I did learn this, the city has the largest collection of preserved Art Deco buildings anywhere, with more than 1,200 buildings considered to be part of the Preservation League or National Register of Historic Places.

I’ll just have to go back again. And leave plenty of time to sate my Art Deco-loving heart on the next go round.

This time, my art-loving and food-addicted heart did fly away fully sated. And here’s why… View full post »

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A Bucket List Day in Scotland

I’ve never actually made a Bucket List. I don’t have a written list of all the countries I want to go to and when it comes to experiences related to travel, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants rather than do too much planning. That’s changing a bit now that I have someone in my life I want to plan to travel with….but that’s beside the point for this story!


When I found myself in Scotland on a tour with Rabbie’s, I had no idea that some of the things we would do on our last day would make me feel like I was checking things off a bucket list. It was as if they’d reached into my consciousness and pulled out the things I am curious about or have thought of doing but have never made a concerted effort — to actually, do. View full post »

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Carried Away on a Vespa in Rome

It is funny that my journey to Rome involved a lot of serious introspection because my first activity in Italy was not on any level indicative of the deep thoughts I was having during my plane ride. In fact, my first order of business in Rome was quite possibly the best fulfillment of a girlhood dream and a wild cliché, EVER.

I hardly had enough time to make it into the city, settle into my apartment in Trastevere, meet my roommate Heather and unpack a little; before we were picked up by two vintage Vespas and two handsome Italian men for a sunset ride through Rome to meet our other blogger colleagues near the Piazza Venezia.

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Wish you were here, Elvis!

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. He would be 76 years old if he was still with us. A lot of people have visited Graceland. I probably don’t even need to clarify that I’m talking about the once-home of Elvis Presley. Graceland, needs no introduction. It’s perhaps an American icon almost as much as Apple Pie and Las Vegas. Maybe almost as much as Elvis himself?

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Dead Apple Tour of NYC

I approach the intersection of 36th Street and Madison Avenue frankly a little clueless. Drew asked that I meet him here but I’ve never met Drew and therefore have no idea what Drew looks like or what …

And then, the signal changes and I am forced to stand on the corner staring ahead at a hearse. Yes, a large, black, antique hearse just waiting for me on the other side of the intersection. It’s a Monday morning not long after most working people in New York have punched in at an office – stragglers still pass me, looking hungover and unsure of whether or not they are ready for a Monday! What am I doing with my Monday? I’m about to cross this intersection and, I guess – get in a hearse. I’ve never been more unsure of what will happen next than I am at this minute!

I see the walk signal and knowing there’s no time like the present – I start walking. Drew steps out of the hearse and greets me. I get in what has to be the most comfortable and inviting hearse I’ve ever ridden in. “Wait,” I think “compared to what? How many times have I actually ridden in a hearse?” But I have [ridden in a hearse before] and this is [the most comfortable and inviting hearse I’ve ever ridden in] and before I know it we’re off. Stares and all.

This hearse, expertly maneuvered by Drew through the streets of NYC – and that’s saying something since driving in NYC is a competitive sport that many will never win – invites stares like I’ve never experienced. Unlike a hearse actually used for funerals, these windows are not blacked out. I can see everyone we pass and everyone we pass can see me. Note to future tourists traveling with Dead Apple Tours: accept the fact that people will stare at you as if more than just your shirt is on backwards! In fact, one woman runs into a light pole because she is staring at us in this hearse!

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