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Where to stay in the Riviera Maya

During two separate trips to Mexico, I have stayed at Hacienda Tres Rios outside Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in the Riviera Maya. On the occasion of my first visit in 2009, just after HTR had opened – I found the resort luxurious and restorative in the all the very best ways. That first visit was all too short and I believe I actually shed a tear when driving away! When I returned this February, Hacienda Tres Rios was a resort slightly changed not just in my memory but in reality as well.

After my first trip I would have recommended HTR to couples seeking romance, luxury and an environmentally conscious attitude present in the operation of the resort. Following my second visit, I still believe HTR is at the forefront of environmental practices in Mexico and they have been awarded as such. Yet now the resort is a place that caters more towards families and event groups. In fact, during my visit they were hosting the New York Red Bull soccer team. Muy caliente let me tell you! Downside: when my friend Andi and I wanted to have a quiet night at the hot tubs with wine and a good sunset … we couldn’t hear one another over the roar of the children packing the pool area and all three hot tubs. No amount of wine dulls the irritation of a child splashing boiling hot water in your face if you’re in need of a relaxing evening. View full post »

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Where to Stay in Savannah, Georgia

This week, for Where to Stay Wednesday … I invite you inside The Ballastone Inn in Savannah, Georgia!

Ideally situated for walking to all attractions in this beautiful historic town, The Ballastone Inn is a perfect example of Southern hospitality that draws you in and makes you feel like you might never want to leave. In 2010, they had their 30th anniversary. However, the beautiful Historic District building that Ballastone occupies is far older – it was built in 1838. This four-story antebellum mansion is perfectly suited to Savannah’s period charm. This is a town that calls for a stay in a bed & breakfast. (Though Savannah does have many chain hotels for the budget traveler.) If you are in a position to do so, The Ballastone is truly a perfect choice! View full post »

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Where to Stay: Select Registry Inns

I recently completed a 12 state tour across the United States in seven days with Spencer Spellman. During our trip, we had the support of Select Registry for our overnight stays.

Select Registry is a group of distinguished Inns across North America. For roughly 30 years they have existed to support and promote privately owned lodging, and today represent nearly 400 Inns, B&Bs and small hotels across North America. These privately owned properties go above and beyond in a time where organizations across almost every industry are cutting back instead of giving more. From Ohio to New Mexico we saw the diversity of both our country and of the type of Inn that can be found via Select Registry.

1) The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls – Logan, Ohio A rustic country inn in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, the Inn features a full service spa and allows the visitor to truly connect with nature and reconnect with themselves. It is a place where relaxation and reflection are the focus.¬† There is no TV and no phone service in the guest rooms. However, there is a restaurant headed by Executive Chef Anthony Schulz which offers quite a memorable, seasonally inspired menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. In the area are many natural wonders such as Ash Cave or Old Man’s Cave and outdoor activities all year long such as sunrise kayak tours and even a renowned zipline course.

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