Win a Trip to Morocco!

Remember when I said I was giving away a trip in conjunction with Intrepid Travel and Angie Away…and we could decide where we would go but we needed your help in choosing…well…

MOROCCO won the voting part of this contest!!! Secretly, or not so secretly, that was the destination I wanted everyone to pick. I’ve been to Turkey and loved it (Seriously. So why did it get so few votes??) and certainly Peru is on my theoretical-list-that-has-never-actually-been-written-down of places I want to go as well…but, Morocco is my dream. I know Casablanca by heart and the real Morocco apart from movie lines is one I cannot long to discover more than I already do. It’s the place that really calls to me with some sort of almost audible voice.

There I go, digressing. (Can you tell I’m excited?!)

So, now that we’ve chosen the country, the third step in this fun contest Intrepid Travel has been so kind to allow us to host — is that Angie and I each get to pick a person to accompany us to this colorful and exotic country. How do you get chosen?

There are so many ways and every option just gives you more entry points: a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m pretty excited and I hope you are too! Intrepid Travel is all about focusing on having the same experience locals do, helping travelers immerse themselves in another country’s culture, traveling responsibly and spreading the joy of discovery. These are things I am about too. I can’t wait to be about them in the country of Morocco. So…if you don’t feel you can share these goals, and you don’t have a heart for the people of Morocco — please don’t enter. I know a free trip is a great thing but I hope it isn’t your only reason for entering.

Here’s the trip you will go on with us if you win, Morocco Experience:

A little bit of legal: Entry is open until October 20, 2012. Contest is open to individuals over the age of 18 who own a passport and have no restrictions which would keep them from entering the country of Morocco. If the trip dates chosen don’t work for you, you are welcome to use the Morocco Experience trip on your own up until June 30, 2013. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. In the event the same person wins both trips, another name will be drawn. Airfare, any taxes, visas, passport fees, meals and any activities not outlined at are the responsibility of the winner. is responsible for promoting the campaign and selecting a winner. All trip details, requirements and responsibilities are managed by Intrepid Travel. Contest is void where prohibited. Family members of Kirsten Alana are unfortunately ineligible to win. Sorry, mom!
Photos in this post are courtesy Intrepid Travel.
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  • Shtina

    I definitely want to photograph the ancient Roman ruin (and UNESCO World heritage site) of Volubilis!

  • Lea

    The souq, of course. It must be a very dynamic place. And the desert and its changing landscapes.

  • Erika

    I would love a panoramic photograph, proabably in the sunset, I love all sunset photographs, and it’d be great to have one with me in it and one without me, to have like a postcard. =)

  • twoOregonians

    Hey lovely! If I won, my most prized picture would be of you and Angie and I all smiling together on top of the world somewhere – anywhere – in Morocco. I’m so excited to see how your trip goes! -Bethany

  • Cynthia Ord

    I would love to photograph a sunset (or maybe sunrise) on the desert, maybe with a camel and some sort of forced perspective trick to add to my collection

  • Alison Corner

    I would love to capture the shadows of camels crossing the Sahara Desert!

  • Shannon

    I have “drink champagne in Casablanca” on my bucket list – my photo would be of that:)

  • JoLeah

    Rolling around in the dunes!

  • Arlinda

    I want a picture of me in Casablanca! Cheesy I know but I can’t help it.

  • Arlinda

    I would love to go to Morocco to experience the rich history, culture, food and the people

  • Lindsay Pond

    Would love to take pics in the street markets!

  • rc

    I am IN LOVE with Moroccon food! cool culture as well!

  • beatrice

    I have two b & w framed pictures of veiled women taken by r. lehnert in Tunisia, about 1910….I would love to take a similar photograph in Morocco.

  • Teresa G

    I would love to capture a shot of the spice markets- either a colorful picture of the array of spices, or perhaps get a shot of our hands in some spices while cooking. Or, we could be silly and have a spice fight- but I think the Morrocans would get angry at us for wasting precious spices :)

    Miss you!!! You’re hard to keep up with, but I guess that’s a good thing!

  • Sarah

    It’s a bit cliche, but that photo of camels across the desert at sunset. I saw a friend’s photo of that years ago and since then Morocco’s been near the top of list. Just so classic and beautiful.

  • Kendra Moore

    I want to capture people that capture the aura of Morocco if I win the trip. Or at least try.

  • CarolineK

    I’d be excited about a picture of me with a glass of mint tea!

  • Lala {TDF Travels}

    Capturing the people. Faces move me and the environment in which they live in would just be mezmorizing.

  • Tracy Zhang

    If I could go to Morocco, I would spend my mornings walking and photographing their markets. I’m most excited about capturing the energy and color of the markets – there’s plenty of culture among them.

  • The Blonde

    I have found that in many countries the fact that I have blonde hair and blue eyes makes me what my sister calls “a traveling freak show”. The advantage to that is that I sometimes get to have very amusing interactions, and very sweet ones, with locals. I am an experienced traveler, have an excellent sense of humor and no job, so scheduling the trip would be very easy! Oh, and I have a travel(ish) blog and “tweet” so could dither on about the trip in both of those venues.

  • Cassandra

    The picture I would most be interested in is of the view I would have while riding a camel through the desert!

  • Terri Denhof

    I think you have to let a day take you where it wants to. Beauty is everywhere in Morocco. A smile, the way the sand moves, piles of rugs, singing bowls. The photos are everywhere; what a dream trip this could be!

  • Arjun Rudra

    Capturing dinner at Djemma el Fna as it transforms into an entertainers paradise.

  • ldysharkbait

    Capturing that magical moment of making that purchase of a forever souvenir of the trip in a local market would be a must on this trip!

  • Sarah Arrojado

    The most exciting thing to capture would probably be the little surprises on how Moroccans live their lives. :)

  • Anna Chato

    I would love to capture photos of colorful things, like the blue doors above, vibrant stacks of local spices, spices painting local dishes marigold yellows and brick reds, locals lighting up pictures with their smiles, children playing in traditional costume, dolled-up ladies dancing the traditional dance, ancient pink walls contrasting with everyday things, stretches of desert sand blood-orange against an azure sky, intricately carved archways and ceilings, Moroccan slippers on my feet, cars and keys and pots and pans and markets and objects commonplace to locals but wonderful novelties to people who have never set foot on Morocco… and many other beautiful things that catch my eye.

  • WIN

    uhmm.. anything! i would love to capture the scenes from the classic movie casablanca :)

  • Melody Co

    camels, animals and the desert!

  • Pat Katepoo

    I’d be interested to take pictures of meal time in Morocco–the food, the people, the customs.

  • Lynn O’Rourke Hayes

    I love the markets. Photographic opportunities would be endless in Morocco. Great trip!

  • Dave L

    Wow. Talk about the ultimate giveaway!!! Although, I too wonder why Turkey didn’t get some more attention. Guess I’ll know for sure when I win and visit Morocco!! :)

  • Tracy Smith

    What an adventure this would be, and what inspiration to feed my soul. I have yet to travel “over seas” so I am very excited about this contest. All fingers crossed! It’s hard to just pick one photograph that I would like to capture. My first capture would be the desert/sand dunes near sunset while on camel, just miles and miles of sands/dunes. Would be fun to photograph. My other passion is food, so I would LOVE to photograph the markets, the fresh legumes, spices, that line the streets!

  • Audrey Bergner

    I think capturing a photo of the souks – especially the lamps, would make a great shot. 😉

  • thetravelchica

    I want to capture a unique photograph of a camel (which is difficult because everyone that goes to Morocco has a picture of a camel). I won’t know what the shot looks like until I see it :-)

  • Dustin Main

    I’ve wanted to head to Morocco for YEARS (since watching Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much”). I was close a few years ago, but I was diverted to Europe and didn’t make it back over. Plus, gotta climb some of the mountains :)

    • Dustin Main

      but what I really want to shoot is the sand at sunrise…

  • Cally Duncan

    I would love a silhouette picture of a campsite, camel and campfire under the full moon in the Sahara desert!

  • Sarah Stokely

    I’ve been dreaming of going to Morocco since I went to an Intrepid slide night with a bunch of friends about 4 years ago! Would looove to do this trip. Although I looove Moroccan food, my food photography is pretty unappetising, so I think the shot I’d really like to capture is of a spice vendor at a market. Beautiful colours! :)

  • Bethaney – Flashpacker Family

    I’d like to capture a photograph of the warm colours of ground spices piled up in a little medina alleyway.

  • Kailos

    Sunset in the mosque

  • Shari Tucker

    I am a profesional photographer and avid adventure traveler. My passions are people and experiences. Sad to say that I have lost a little of my passion for photography … I can’t tell you what one photo I would like to capture specifically … I can tell you that I’m looking for a magical meaningful photo (likely of a local who I have interacted with … but who knows!) that will re-ignite the fire in me and my passion for photography. Would love the opportunity to experience Morocco through my lens!

  • Tara Jones

    Oh man….where do I start?? I’m a photographer who owns a food tasting + photo tour company in Santa Barbara and this is so obviously up my alley! So, most favorite photo to capture would probably be a night shot of the desert areas or the look on the faces of the locals amid the busy street vendors. Oh! And the colors of all the street vendors’ spices and fabrics….*sigh* I can hardly wait for the day I get to go to Morocco!

  • Chris R.

    Meandering through markets is one of my favorite things to do during my travels. In Morocco, I’ll head straight to the nearest souk and start snapping away, capturing the colorful and rich textures of the textiles.

  • NaEun Park

    I would LOVE to capture the amazing patterns and colors that come together to make Morocco a beautiful place. The details are phenomenal and the colors are so vibrant!!

  • Efrutik

    ” what photograph you would MOST be excited to capture…”
    I think definitely the landscape shot with the sunset above the sea. Don’t know if that makes sense, but I imagine Morocco to be dreamy and yet raw with natural beauty. Also the sea captivates me in a sense that this African nation is so close to Europe….something like that I think.

  • A Montrealer Abroad

    It’s funny that you picked Morocco doors as the first photo, because that’s exactly what I want to see. The architecture is AMAZING over there!

  • Laurence

    That is one supremely awesome competition! I’m in! And obviously I’m going to be looking for that one bar.. of all the bars. . to take that one photo of 😉

  • Matt

    The one time I visited Morocco I only visited Marrakech, so I’d love to snap some shots of Casablanca.

  • thenorthernist

    Oh Kirsten. I’m thrilled that Morocco is the winning destination. It’s difficult to put in to words how much I’ve wanted to see it. Yes, Casablanca is one of my favorite films (and there is now a version of Rick’s Cafe, which I might be tempted to visit) but beyond that, I think it’s something more to do with how removed Moroccan cultures are from my experience and what a feast for the senses Morocco is. This trip encompasses so much of what I’ve dreamed of doing–ride a camel in the Sahara, learn how to cook local dishes, get lost in the medinas and hide away in a riad.

    As for photography, the question is what *wouldn’t* I want to photograph?! If I had to go with one subject, I have to pick the color blue in all its manifestations across the country. I think you’d be a perfect travel companion and I’d love to learn from you.

  • Greg

    I’ve been to Marrakech, and I really want a photo of the central square at about midnight. We didn’t realize until our last night that midnight was the prime time, and I was suffering a little heat exhaustion!

  • Jeremy

    A photo of Morocco that I’d want – any of them in the city of Chefchaouen. That city is gorgeous!

  • Chrystal-Clear

    Ohhhh If I traveled with you I would be asking SO many questions about photography! But I would most want to capture a photo of camels in the sahara desert. Although I worked in Marrakech only a few months ago – I never made it to the Desert!! So I want to capture those orange hues and a slobbering camel! 😀

  • jade

    If I won, I would love to shadow you to see what your camera captures. Morocco has always been a dream, almost so exotic that I didn’t think I would get there any time soon. I’d love to take a cooking class and photograph the markets and people. fun contest!

  • Duna

    I’m agree with Ashley Curtin. I’d like to capture the life of Morocco through the eyes, the voice and the gestures of indigenous people. And i’d be most excited to take photos of a grandpa (or grandma) telling stories to a group of children on the edge of fire. I’d like to capture the silence of the night, the presence of the stars, the words of the old man (or woman) and the fascination of children.

  • Christina

    I always want to see Marocco because of his rich culture, the colorful houses, the desert, the people… I believe that everything would be awesome. 😀 But the thing I want photograph the most would be a bubbly, bazaar with hundret of nice things to buy. :-)

    Nice greetings

  • Ashley Curtin

    My passion while on this trip would be to photograph the people of the land. Capturing the history through their eyes and personality in their posture, I love to learn about people in their most natural state. Morocco’s tribal practices and living customs make it a fascinating country to see first-hand through the lens of my own camera.

  • Scott MacKenzie

    We did (Intrepid) ‘Best of Morocco’ last month and took +5000 photos … still working through them and will blog/post a lot in a few weeks … but my favourites (at the moment) have to be those taken on the camels, in the Sahara, or the sunrise in the morning as it is such a different experience compared to anything I have done before, but literally every place you go, and every route you travel, has something worthy of being photographed (click-click stops as our guide called them) … landscapes, architecture, local people (with permission), food, vibrant colours of spices and cloth in the medinas, or just the medinas themselves, iconic images like lengthening shadows in the dunes as your camel train nears camp, or Marrakech (and the main square of Jemaa el Fnaa) at sunset from the Cafe France balcony ….

  • Jen Mefford

    I would be most excited to get a picture riding a camel across the desert!

  • differentdoors

    Choose one photograph? C’mon!! What are all those memory cards for! Ok. This may sound crazy, but i’d like to get all of us in it, sitting on a traditional carpet, with the locals that we befriend, sharing some divine Tagine grub, maybe giving the camel a bite too, with the image complemented by the beautiful beautiful Moroccan architecture in the background. Too much? Thought so, but that’s what Morocco’s gonna be!! :) Fingers crossed.

  • The Fairy Trails

    Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the worlds, she walks into mine <3
    I've been obsessed with Morocco since the 7th grade, when we ate couscous on Multicultural day. :) I suppose I would have to take a photo of couscous and every traditional dish I can find!

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  • lola

    what photo would i be most excited to capture? that’s a toughie!! probably one of you, angie & me all smoking hookahs together in the desert underneath a carpeted tent. it would be obvious in the photo that we’ve just enjoyed a moroccan picnic with handsome moroccan men who are now gathering our camels to head back to our 5 star hotel. ONE CAN DREAM right?!

  • Pauline

    AH!!! I really want to photograph those camels!! They’re just so darn humourous. Oh and also the eclectic energy of the markets and the glorious food!

  • Beth Brune

    It’s really cool that you and Angie are doing this contest for your readers! Morocco looks amazing, and I’m sure I would find many exciting photos to take. However, since riding a camel is on my bucket list, I would be most excited to take a photograph of the camel and the views of the desert from the camels back.

  • Kelsey

    My favorite things to photograph are people and their everyday-life surroundings, in their true-not-touristy-like lives where we would hopefully be invited into. Nothing is more rewarding than learning about other cultures and how they live! I know Morocco would give all sorts of photographic opportunities, but this would be my most treasured.

  • Trekking in Marokko

    I am keen on making photos in the blue city, chefchaouen!


    The desert at sunrise after having arrived there in the evening, and slept there under the heavens.

  • Ethan Adeland

    I’m picturing a large round dinner table full of beautiful plates, vibrant colours, fresh produce from the market and a fragrant aroma that will stay with me forever. That’s what I want to photograph.

  • LisaRoz

    Oh boy, Morocco! I can’t even imagine all the great photo opportunities this country holds. I’d better bring extra memory cards 😉 Fingers crossed!

  • Alouise

    Morocco has been my dream trip for years. I don’t know what I wouldn’t take a picture of. I think i’d be most excited to take photos of the souks, and all the beautiful architecture and scenery, but I’m sure I’d come across something totally unexpected I’d have to snap a photo of as well.

  • jouljet

    I would LOVE to go crazy with a camera with the colours and faces in the markets of Morocco!

    Love that you have opened this up to your readers – what a great comp!

  • Barbara Benham

    This is an amazing sweeps, and as my handle suggests, I’ve entered a sweeps or two. (I’ve never sponsored one, though!) Morocco is absolutely on my fantasy list. It is surely one of the most photogenic places on the planet, and that’s saying lots. Good luck to all!

  • Christina H.

    Can’t wait to actually experience and photograph a kasbah! What a thrill to improve upon my kasbah knowledge aside from what I gleaned from that song “Rock the Casbah.” Morocco seems to be a photographer’s dream: architecture, mountains, people, markets…what heaven!

  • Matthew Karsten

    No trip to Morocco would be complete without capturing a little nightlife, so we’d definitely need to rock the kasbah with some locals.

    My priority however would be to attach a GoPro camera to the head of my camel while trekking through the desert. A “Camel Cam” if you will…

  • Guest

    So excited by the thought of being able to photograph the minaret-dotted skylines and geometric architecture of Morocco.

  • Kurt Trumble

    Cool contest guys. Even cooler that you guys are traveling with your readers! Congrats.

  • Brandee Sanders

    It would be having a chance to engage and immerse myself in a place I’ve only seen photos of, to literally step across the world and embrace a people, culture and truly remarkable location that is Morocco. To look into the eyes of it’s people, and learn their diverse and intriguing customs. From sultans to street sweepers, this place has a story to tell, and I for one, would love to read it! Looking forward to hearing more about this adventure!

  • Monica McCarthy

    Ok, so I totally got trigger happy and posted a comment before I read the rules… First things first, I would insist that we purchase the same hat Ingrid Bergman wore in “Casablanca.” Second, we would absolutely ride camels and shop in Marrakech (perhaps smoke some hooka?). Third, we would capture a photo that was totally unplanned and in the moment and would instantly capture the beauty of the country and it’s people. Oh, and we’d make some fun videos!;)

  • Samantha Reho

    Here’s to hoping I can use my new camera capturing the spice markets, architecture and beautiful Moroccan people. Also, taking detailed pictures of every single meal I eat — what can I say?! I’m a foodie at heart! Fingers crossed!

  • Vanessa Bouhadana

    Capturing Morocco’s essence in one photograph, for me, would have to be a Berber family making beautiful pottery goods. I’m a sucker for anything handmade and photographing their process would be priceless!! My father is Moroccan (hence my last name) and currently lives in Casablanca. I haven’t been in a long time and now that I’m older I would have a much greater appreciation for my culture.

  • Monica McCarthy

    You best believe I’m entering this. You and me in Morocco? #winning

  • Claudia Laroye

    I dream of Morocco! I want to capture the sunrise on the Atlas Mountains, and a camel spitting. And practice my French!

    • Kirsten Alana

      I love the idea of the sunrise. I always love a good sunrise!! Thank you for entering Claudia!!

  • Carol Cain

    Oooh! Sounds dreeeamy! Right away I know I would love to capture the colorful street scenes of Morocco!

    • Kirsten Alana

      Great choice, Carol!! And thank you for entering :)

  • Andi Fisher

    Morocco is thrilling tome due to its ties to France – lots of great food and great people from Morocco in France. Need to bone up on Casablanca!

    • Kirsten Alana

      Totally in agreement with you Andi. That connection fascinates me as well. Also, I never tire of capturing Golden Hour anywhere I go. Thanks for entering!

  • Matt

    The photo I would love to capture would be of a Moroccan family sitting down to a meal. Food and family? I love it!

    • Kirsten Alana

      That sounds like an excellent idea, Matt! Thanks for entering.

  • Alexandra Kovacova

    I would love to visit Morroco! I wanted to go there next year :)

    • Alexandra Kovacova

      And if there, I would love to capture something unexpected, those pics seem to be the best ones :)

      • Kirsten Alana

        That’s a great idea. I too always search for the places and things, even moments…that are unexpected! Thanks for entering!!

  • Haiku Kwon

    Pictures of people working, playing, cooking, living…

    • Kirsten Alana

      Always a good idea in any country! The people are what is important. Thank you for entering :)

  • Karise Edmunds

    I would get a photograph on the blue streets of Chefchaouen!

    • Kirsten Alana

      That’s a second vote for Chefchaouen!! Must be a great place, I will definitely remember it when I go. Thanks for entering.

  • Justin Hamlin

    After seeing so many people visit the area, I would love to be able to photograph the vast expanse of the Sahara desert at sunrise. It would truly be an awe inspiring trip and photographic journey

    • Kirsten Alana

      I do LOVE a good sunrise or sunset — that would get my vote too. Thank you for entering, Justin!! I hope you and Juliet are doing well :)

  • Ordinary Traveler

    Woohoo! Morocco was the country I voted for! I’ve always wanted to capture photos while riding through the desert on a camel, so that would be the photo I would most like to capture.

    • Kirsten Alana

      Yay!! Great minds… I think riding a camel would make for incredibly fun photographs. I will definitely look forward to that as well. Thank you for entering!!

  • Ann Woodward

    If I go to Morocco I’d want to photograph camels crossing sand dunes in the desert

    • Kirsten Alana

      That’s another vote for the camels! Love the idea. Thank you so much for entering!!

  • Amber DeGrace

    YES! Morocco would be such a dream come true. The photograph(s) I would be most excited to capture would be of the experience of learning to make perfect couscous. It’s harder than it looks and with my new olloclip I know I could get some awesome close up shots of the dish.

    The ruins wouldn’t be so bad to photograph either.

    Or the desert.



    • Kirsten Alana

      Oh dear I would love to travel with you to Morocco dear Amber!! I think photographing the preparation of couscous would be both good and bad. How would I stop from eating it while photographing …. but YUMGASM for sure. Beautiful food photography potential. And you’re so good at that.

      Thanks for entering my friend!!

  • Diana Nguyen

    Awesome, I’m glad Morocco won! If I ended up going, you’d be irritated w/me in the souk – I wouldn’t leave ’til I got at least 100 photos!

    • Kirsten Alana

      The souk is definitely one of the things I am really looking forward to as well!! Thanks for the entry :)

  • Melissa Shearer

    D’oh… i totally hit post before I told you what I wanted to capture… Definitely the blue and white alleyways of Chefchaouen would be first on my “to photograph” list :)

    So many amazing photographic opportunities in Morocco! :)

    • Kirsten Alana

      Ooooohhhh, the alleyways of Chefchaouen sound very photo-worthy indeed! What a great idea. Thank you so much for entering. Blogging babes on tour indeed, what fun that would be!

  • Melissa Shearer

    While I did choose Peru… I would absolutely LOVE going to Morocco! :) And to experience it with you girls and Intrepid would be a dream! Pick me, pick me 😉 haha

    Blogging babes go on tour! 😉