Come Away with Intrepid Travel, Angie Away and I

It’s not uncommon for people to ask if they can accompany me on my travels. Unfortunately, I am rarely in a position to bring along friends, family or random strangers.

Until now…

The wonderful Angie Orth from Angie Away and I are partnering with Intrepid Travel to give away trips to two people who want to travel as badly as Angie and I always want to travel!

Step one was choosing from the dozens of trips Intrepid offers. We emailed back and forth and it took a while but we finally narrowed it down to 3 to-die-for destinations. Two of these we’ve never visited, and one we’ve both experienced but don’t mind returning to: Morocco, Peru and Turkey. The problem is, we can’t narrow it down from there. So, you’re going to help us and this is step two in the competition!

Choose from:

Best of Morocco, 15 days

This is tops on the list for Angie and I each because we’re HUGE fans of the movie Casablanca. Know that if you vote for this, and you win, you will have to put up with Angie and I quoting the movie. Just once in a while. When we see Sam. Or a piano. Or go in a bar. Or, ok, a lot a while.

From Intrepid: Travel to Morocco and visit the best of the country’s attractions from Casablanca to Marrakech. Travel from the snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the endless sands of the Sahara, and from the medieval old town of Fes to the spice markets of Marrakech, the rich history and natural beauty of Morocco await. Observe the vibrant collision between old and new expressed in architecture and artwork. Learn about fallen cities and cross paths with nomadic tribes. Jump in and discover the many mysteries and legends concealed within this moody, ever-changing landscape.

Turkey Active, 12 days

I’ve been to Turkey once now but on that all-too-brief visit I didn’t feel as if I really was able to experience all I desire to in the country. A return would tick a few more places off my list in a country that I still desire to learn more about.

From Intrepid: Experience Turkey from a different perspective. Abandon well-worn routes to forge a path through unexplored terrain, deep into the historical heart of Turkey. Travel from the minarets of Istanbul city, visiting Turkey’s holiest sites, cycling breathtaking Mediterranean coastlines, hiking the Lycian Way and kayaking over sunken cities. Take up the challenge and be amazed by all that this active travel adventure has to offer.

Classic Peru, 9 Days

Peru interests me for many reasons but tops in my mind is all of the colorful photographs I’ve seen of native people’s dress and customs against verdant green landscapes. Added bonus: Machu Picchu!

From Intrepid: Meet Peru’s locals on a Lake Titicaca homestay, Step back in time in the Sacred Valley, Be awestruck by Ollantaytambo, Witness the glory of ancient Peru in Machu Picchu, Bask in the hot springs of Aguas Calientes, Get a feel for Cuzco in the Plaza de Armas. Visit South America and travel to Peru on an adventure from mountains to jungle, and seasides to great plains. Visit Peru’s incredible natural and historical highlights on this awesome adventure. Retrace the steps of the Incas to Machu Picchu, admire colonial cities, explore vibrant markets and meet the locals in this South American country with a difference. Return home with incredible memories of the panoramas and people of Peru.


Between now and Fri., Sept. 28, 2012, we’re asking YOU to help choose our next adventure! Let us know in the comments on either of our sites, on our Facebook poll or on Twitter which trip YOU would most want to join us on and be sure to use the #AKaway hashtag and either #Peru, #Morocco or #Turkey. Also, let’s give Intrepid some love since they’re being sooo nice to send us all on an adventure. Please check out their FB page and tag them when you tweet: @Intrepid_Travel.

So what’ll it be? Souks & Sahara? Llamas & Titicaca? Or a tasty slice of Turkey?

It’s up to you. Choose wisely!


We’ll share contest details next week including everything you need to know on entering to win, so keep an eye on our social media accounts for all the news…

The Fine Print: Anyone age 18+ can win – except immediate family members of Angie or I and we will each select a winner randomly. If the winner[s] can’t travel during the selected dates, that’s no problem! The trip will be valid for up to one year after the date the winner is announced.

Images of Peru and Morocco are courtesy Intrepid Travel. Turkey photo is mine and image of Angie and I was taken by a friend in Rome but edited by me on my iPhone.

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  • Helen Payne

    Morocco sounds fantastic and I’ve always wanted to go there, its seems so mystical!

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  • Ashley Curtin

    Turkey! I am filled with wanderlust just reading about this contest.

  • Guest

    Turkey! I am dying with wanderlust just reading about this contest.

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  • Alouise

    I’d pick Morocco. I fine the country fascinating, the history, the architecture, the art, the culture, the food – just everything about Morocco looks really intriguing to me.

  • Chris Murphy

    Turkey! Everyone raves and I went to Peru last year 😉

  • Karise Edmunds

    I would totally pick Morocco!

  • Sandeep Kumar Gupta

    Turkey! Because the word exotic was invented by someone after going there. #AKaway #Turkey #Intrepid

  • Dave&Deb Travel Duo

    We vote for Morocco. We’ve never been yet and would love to follow your adventures with Angie through that country so that we can plan our own trip soon too! Morocco, Morocco, Morocco

  • Auntie Liz

    I vote for Peru. It resonates with me.

  • Katrina

    I loved Morocco and can’t say enough good about it. *However,* I am dying to go to Turkey! Too much great scenery and so many wonderful photos and stories from friends. Yup: Turkey gets my vote!

  • Alaska Girl at Heart

    My friend and I just returned from a Galapagos trip with Intrepid (and I went on to Peru with them). It was fantastic. We immediately decided to try them again and hit Turkey and/or Greece…so, my choice is definitely TURKEY.

  • Chrystal-Clear

    AMAZINGGGGGGG CONTEST with SUCH a great Company! Intrepid is GREAT. Since I have lived in Morocco only a few months and and was in Peru the month before Morocco – I’d choose Turkey! A country I’ve been dying to visit for awhile. So TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY!

  • Diana Nguyen

    Great contest – and AWESOME options. I’d have to go with Morocco, mostly because my stomach dictates my travels (and Moroccan food in my experience has been mmmmmm….). Also wouldn’t mind hearing those Casablanca quotes.

  • Peter West Carey

    Hmmm…I’ve also been to two of the three, but if airfare is not included, and I’m guessing it is not, I would choose to return to Peru. I have never been to Lake Titicaca and who wouldn’t want a third trip to Machu Picch? There is still more to photograph!

  • Pauline

    Turkey, hands down!

  • kelseysutherlin

    I vote Morocco! For the Casablanca quotes alone.

  • Amber DeGrace

    You should go to Morocco. FOR SURE. And congrats on the contest, very exciting news!

  • Tracy Moore Smith

    Kirsten, what an awesome opportunity! I have never stepped foot in any of those places (only US, Alaska, Caribbean), so picking just one would be hard to do. From a level of intrigue, I’d have to say 1.Morocco 2.Turkey 3.Peru. I cannot wait to hear all the details of the contest!

  • Mike Hinshaw

    Although all three are fantastic trips, I would have to choose the Peru adventure. I was in Ecuador last year and thoroughly enjoyed the people, the FOOD, the historical ruins and architecture. I ran out of time before I could visit Peru. I have kicked myself many times for not taking the extra time! Thank you for the opportunity and Safe Travels !!!

  • Eva Meier

    Wow! What a great partnership is that! I have been on a Intrepid trip in New Zealand and that was of very high quality. If I could choose, I would choose Morocco. In Holland we have a lot of Morrocans living here, but sadly they get a lot of random negative attention here. I would not only like to see what life is about there, but also send positive, cool vibes from Morocco in to the Netherlands and the rest of the world. It must be an amazing country!

  • twoOregonians

    You ladies rock! With three gorgeous destinations, I think you may need to make it an annual trip and spend 2013-2015 seeing them all 😉 Peru was the first stop of our trip: colorful, delicious, welcoming, and arriving at Machu Picchu held so much significance to Ted and me. You’ll love it! Turkey sounds marvelous, but if I had to choose, it would be Morocco. Casablanca was one of the shortest visits of our trip, just a quick hop off of our boat toward the end of our Atlantic crossing. I’d love to go back and venture inland, taste the flavors, admire the architecture, and see the Atlas Mountains! You two can’t lose. What an exciting adventure you have ahead of you…

  • lola

    already answered in the FB poll. i’m dying to go on a fun trip with the 2 of you!! all three sound amazing but i choose Peru. it’s definitely high on my list! awesome giveaway!!!

  • Christina

    All three are high on my list, but I would pick Peru!!

  • Caroline Thomsen

    Wow that sounds amazing!

    I would love to join you in Peru.

  • Caroline Thomsen

    Sounds amazing all of them!

    I would love to join you in Peru.

  • Andi Fisher

    Wowza! I understand why you can’t choose! I pick Turkey!