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How to Spend A Fall Weekend in Massachusetts

Having been born and raised in Vermont, I’m rather partial to New England in the Fall. While I don’t love winter these days, or being cold enough to need more than a sweater — I do love a good crisp, fall morning where I can just see my breath but the sunlight turns the trees into liquid gold and warms my face in the process. Preferably I will also have hot cider in my hands and be on my way to some donuts or pumpkin pie…

So when Massachusetts invited me to spend two nights enjoying the changing leaves in their lovely state I thought that was the perfect way to return to my roots. Just one notch shy of actually enjoying the splendid autumn color in my native Vermont.

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New School Luxury in an Old School Resort

During one of the first golden ages that Miami experienced, architect Morris Lapidus brought to life a resort and hotel so luxurious, so glamorous — that its opening drew the elite from far and wide, even including the mayor of Fontainebleau, France. That property, which opened in 1954 is the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida.


Along the way, its exterior, curved facade has been featured all over media, from daytime talk shows to feature films — perhaps most famously, the James Bond franchise.

How does a resort that debuted at the top of its game, stay at the top of its game? I do not know because I haven’t been a fly on the wall all of these years but as a guest there this weekend I can tell you the Fontainebleau is still a hot, luxurious, glamorous, hip haven on the ocean in one of America’s most glamorous cities. No small feat.

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