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Experiencing #FrancePassion in Paris

The truth about Paris is that I’ve always been a beggar on its streets. Every visit, I’ve been broke but happy, resigned to merely surviving on baguettes and croissants. I walked till my feet felt as if they would fall off, I spilt tears at the beauty of La Tour Eiffel as it sparkled at night but I was always on the outside, looking in at the luxurious, glamorous side of my favorite city.

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Until now. This month, when I visited Paris again, it was my first sponsored experience in the city. Three other ladies, and myself, descended upon the streets with one goal: experience luxury, then share it on Twitter and Instagram. A contest took place during that time, whereby one winner would receive almost the very same trip we embarked on. View full post »

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A Pause at CDG in Paris


I have been through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris more than a few times yet, perhaps because it is so extensive, I have never walked the same part of the airport more than once.

During one of the most frustrating and harried layovers I have ever had at CDG, in which I was actually running from my arrival gate to my departure gate, I had to stop for just long enough to capture this image.
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#Housetripping through Paris


My fifth and final city for my European tour with was Paris. My beloved Paris!

And this time, instead of being alone as I was two years ago, I was in my beloved city with my love.
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Paris et moi de nuit

When I was in Paris, staying in the 1st near Les Halles, I often found myself wide awake late at night. Though I spent two weeks in Paris, I never fully adjusted to the time difference. So I adopted a routine to cope with my sleeplessness …

Taking the poetry of fellow Francophile Edna St. Vincent Millay, her biography by Nancy Milford and of course my camera I would set of in search of a cafe open late. At said cafe, I would enjoy un café avec sucre et crème alongside a nutella crepe. There, I would watch the City of Light go by. Occasionally, I would take a photograph of the light and the people and a near-empty Rue.

Books and camera still in hand, stomach full, I would set out again for the Seine. Wandering its banks at night, occasionally stopping to read a few stanzas of poetry  – it gave me a sense of peace I cannot explain. It was there, at night, I felt that Paris was my city.

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Foto Friday: Paris Architecture

If upon pain of death I was required to pick only one thing to love about my weeks in Paris, I’d have a hard time. Paris is a city of contrasts – and such beauty that at times I’d catch myself crying for no apparent reason. Paris is a city with such wonderful culinary offerings one could visit and do nothing but eat, and never run out of activities nor new food to try. It’s a city with so many things to enjoy, my two weeks were far from long enough to allow me to enjoy them all.

However, if asked to just create a random list in no particular order comprising my favorite things about the City of Light – I would absolutely have to include the architecture. This is a fairly typical view of a row of townhouses, taken near Place de la République located on the border between the 3rd, 10th and 11th arrondissements in the Right Bank. The aged copper roof just grabs me, I love that detail. I love the vibrancy of that green against the cobalt blue sky (which was a rare thing during my weeks in Paris – the blue sky).

There are so many photographs similar to this in my collection, that are just architectural details and vignettes. I’ve even published a photo essay on the Doors of Paris. Perhaps with images like this I was scoping out where I will one day have my own little pied-à-terre …

A girl can dream!

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