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London’s Best Beauty Spots

I’ve made it a point to ensure this blog is composed exclusively of my own stories and photographs. Now and then I’m asked to promote content for other people and usually I say no. However, I loved this list of places to go in London because as it’s pretty much my second home and I’d been to none of them — I thought it might be worth a share. Perhaps I am not alone and I can help you too discover places in London you didn’t know about until this post.

Regardless of the city you live in – whether it’s New York, Sydney or anywhere in between – it’s easy to feel trapped inside a great metropolis. With the cycle of commuting, working and socialising (if we’re lucky!) taking up most of the time in a given day, by the end of an average week you probably feel about as grey as a cloud of London fog.

Speaking of London, it’s actually pretty easy to discover a bit of momentary calm amidst all the commotion — whether you’re working in the city, or just visiting. It goes without saying, not everyone has the money to fund a summer trip abroad, even with the amount of low cost holidays and airline codes around nowadays. If you’re looking for a replacement oasis to soothe your soul this summer, here are a few top picks for the best beauty spots in the city!

The London Library

You can’t beat a bookstore or library for a bit of peace and quiet, and although there are lots to choose from – with the British or King’s College libraries also coming close – the old London is a bit more magical than most. Founded in 1841, its past patrons include the likes of Dickens, Tennyson and George; but if the echoes of such literary legends aren’t enough to draw you in, the sheer grandeur and beauty of the book-lined walls will have you browsing the shelves for hours. The only downside is that it is a member-only library; however you can get a reference pass for £10 a day- so if you’re the type who gets lost in Waterstones during your lunch break, a dedicated trip is likely to be well worth it.
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London? Or NYC?

I’ve long been a person who is constantly torn between competing loves. As a nomadic traveler who no longer has an actual home or apartment to return to in between trips, I’m shocked when I still sometimes long for the comforts of what I’ve given up.

The last home I had was in New York City and as I’ve traveled, so much in Europe, I’ve found out how much I enjoy resting between trips in London, calling it “home.” When I left my apartment behind in New York six months ago, at that time, I thought I’d return to my life there and it was only later that I made the plan to try for a visa in England and make that my home.

So, when the folks at Expedia asked me to share with you this info graphic — I actually laughed out loud reading the email.

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Where to Stay in London: Palmers Lodge – Hillspring Willesden Green

When I am in London, I usually prefer to stay in a hotel or with friends. However, when HostelWorld brought me to town as their Guest Photographer and offered to house me in Palmers Lodge – Hillspring at Willesden Green for a few nights I was eager to give it a try. I’ve slept in hostels before and while I’ve never had a really bad experience in a hostel I still can’t say they’re really my ‘cup of tea’.

Since I love challenging myself, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try and fall in love with the hostel experience.

Palmers Lodge isn’t in or convenient to, central London – so the journey from Heathrow was long and not as simple as I might have liked. However, I received fair warning of this and if I had been less concerned about my budget a very simple cab ride would have made the whole experience rather uncomplicated.

When I did finally arrive in Willesden Green, it was a few block walk from the tube through a lovely suburban area Northwest of London itself.

Even the rain didn’t dull the smile on my face because the houses I passed by had that air I so long to see whenever I am not in the UK. There’s just something about English row houses I adore. View full post »

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London by iPhone

While I was bouncing around Europe, South Africa and Mauritius this spring – I came and went through the UK. Instead of crossing the pond between every leg of my trip it was just easier and less time consuming to spend time with the friends I have in London and out in the countryside. It was a treat because some of my favorite people in the world are in the UK and seeing them often made me feel like I was at home in a way I don’t often feel as a nomad.

Everywhere I went in London or outside of it, I took my trusty iPhone and of course I snapped a few photographs. Some of my favorites, from London before the Olympics and Jubilee madness descended:

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You Won’t Get a London Top 10 List From Me

I’m sitting in a north London flat drinking red wine after just grabbing my favorite naan for 1 Quid from the shop that’s between my tube stop and the apartment and I’m wishing that I wasn’t already leaving for Rome tomorrow. My time here is never long enough. It’s like Paris in that way.

Now, my London isn’t of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or a luxury hotel with to-die-for views. It’s the curry places, the vintage clothes to be sourced in pop-up markets, the artisan coffee shops, the long walls of abundant street art in dodgy parts of town, the places that still sell working-film-cameras, the pubs tourists don’t go in the neighborhoods tourists don’t know about and the little corner outside Kings Cross station that will forever mean something to me which cannot be put into words – written or spoken.

I believe that sometimes travel bloggers concentrate so much on Top 10 Lists and hotel reviews that they forget travel should be about more than ticking off lists and going wherever others recommend. London is one of the places I travel to again and again because I can be traveling but be without some of the burdens that come from always being in a new place and on assignment to report every detail.

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