Seeking authenticity but want to travel in style? I share that desire!

Hi I’m Kirsten and I spent a decade as a professional portrait and wedding photographer before turning my lens to travel. Having had a camera in my hand since a very young age and a lifelong obsession with National Geographic, it was a natural fit when personal circumstances forced a career change — which I talk about on the BBC.

I blog here at Aviators and a Camera about luxurious travel that seeks to go more than skin deep into other cultures, while caring about the earth and the environment of the places I visit as much as possible, seeking never to disturb or harm but instead inspire others to know the world outside their own country better. I always hope to encourage travelers to consider places they might never have considered before reading my blog and while I haven’t been everywhere, yet, it’s on my list.

When I blog about the United States, I hope people outside of my country will see it for the dynamic and diverse place it is. A place that is so much more than all the negative stereotypes touted in modern media.

A former nomad, I now make my home in New York City where I enjoy discovering and documenting the concrete jungle between assignments around the world. I am a Samsung Camera #Imagelogger and a Vanguard Professional.

Get in touch: kirsten [at] kirstenalana [dot] com. Or read more about my career at my portfolio site.

  • nightsowl

    just saw your bbc article, great job on your travel, and hey shoulda said hi on your recent trip to Toronto =)

    • Kirsten Alana

      Thank you! I’m so sorry I didn’t say hello while in Toronto but it is never easy when on a work trip to fit in extra visits not included in the itinerary. It’s nothing personal to anyone I could meet and I meet no insult, it’s just my work isn’t a vacation and my time isn’t my own. But I hope to return to Toronto sometime soon on my own when I would have more flexibility 😉

  • Pierre-Yves

    Hi Kirsten!
    The title of your article on attracted my attention right off the bat as this is what I have just started to do in order to spend the next few years travelling around the globe (although, not to live from it). I also feel that it takes a lot of courage to go for a complete lifestyle change, but every path I have taken in my life had its own rewards, challenges and lessons, therefore, no mistake is possible; only experience. While not being a life goal in itself, to be an inspiration to all dreamers living in fear of consequences (which is most of us), is, in my opinion, a necessity in our fear base society. I constantly need to remind myself to stay in the present moment… the rest is only there to feed the ego (our lower qualities : fear, resentment, insecurity, etc…).

    I so wish you the best… and keep enjoying your life (although, I do not believe, it is the only one you got 😉 )

    • Kirsten Alana

      Thank you, Pierre-Yves! I think courage for me was not even a thought, I just needed to go and so I went. I really appreciate your words and am grateful to you for sharing them.

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  • Nadya

    Hi Kirsten! : ) I really love your blog a lot. And you already inspire me. I have a dream to become a travel writer… But I don’t know what should I do and where to start that to be able to travel to interesting countries and make it my job? … : /

    • Kirsten Alana

      Thank you so much dear Nadya. I recommend people check out the Matador Travel Writing and Photography courses. I believe they even have one for video now. They should set you up well with everything you’d need to really make it a profession. One of my regrets is that I didn’t take one of their courses when I started this journey.