Kirsten is a photographer, content creator, digital marketer and conference speaker who has built a good portion of her career around experimentation with mobile technology, instructing at offices such as the AOL headquarters, the Apple Store UWS and at conferences like TBEX, TBU, TBE and Traverse. She spent a decade as a professional portrait and wedding photographer before turning her lens to travel.

She blogs about luxurious travel that seeks to go more than skin deep into other cultures, while caring about the earth and the environment of the places she visits as much as possible, seeking never to disturb or harm but instead inspire others to know the world outside their own country better. She is always hoping to encourage travelers to consider places they might never have considered before reading her blog and while she hasn’t been everywhere, yet, it’s on her list.

A former nomad, she now makes her home in New York City where she enjoys discovering and documenting the concrete jungle between assignments around the world. She has been in front of the camera for CNN, Expedia, AMC and AFAR Magazine. She was the first host of the NYC web series: Bites of the Big Apple.

Get in touch with her: kirsten [at] kirstenalana [dot] com

Kirsten was the first host of Bites of the Big Apple, periodically filming in NYC. She was a member of the blogging team behind #ExpediaFindYours and is one of HouseTrip’s Diplomats for 2013.

Prior to that she was the host of a six episode series for CNN on health and safety while traveling that filmed in and around NYC and at JFK airport. In January 2012, she was Expedia’s representative at the Sundance Film Festival. She live blogged, wrote about and tweeted her experiences for a special page on as well as their YouTube channel. She also filmed a television spot for AMC live from the festival with Jacob Soboroff.

Prior to that she covered New Year’s Eve in Berlin and the Beck’s Green Box Project for Beck’s Beer.

She teaches photography all over the world.

For more about Kirsten professionally, or if you would like to work with her, please visit her portfolio site:

According to Twitalyzer Kirsten is in the top 91.9th percentile of twitter users.
The blog has been a part of the Top 100 Travel Sites list and is currently a member of Best Travel Blogs.
Kirsten is a recurring host of both TNI and FriFotos and was a Huffington Post columnist with a new travel-themed post live every Friday.

Kirsten has managed social media for brands and individuals, has experience with Google Analytics and all the major metrics and tracking services and has traveled all over the world to teach courses on mobile photography as well as good photo capturing generally for travel bloggers and industry professionals. Kirsten has twice been featured in Grazia Magazine and her stories from her travels have been featured on Uptake, The Brooklyn Nomad, The Lost GirlsTravel DudesGadling, and Huffington Post Travel.

  • Nadya

    Hi Kirsten! : ) I really love your blog a lot. And you already inspire me. I have a dream to become a travel writer… But I don’t know what should I do and where to start that to be able to travel to interesting countries and make it my job? … : /

    • Kirsten Alana

      Thank you so much dear Nadya. I recommend people check out the Matador Travel Writing and Photography courses. I believe they even have one for video now. They should set you up well with everything you’d need to really make it a profession. One of my regrets is that I didn’t take one of their courses when I started this journey.

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  • Pierre-Yves

    Hi Kirsten!
    The title of your article on attracted my attention right off the bat as this is what I have just started to do in order to spend the next few years travelling around the globe (although, not to live from it). I also feel that it takes a lot of courage to go for a complete lifestyle change, but every path I have taken in my life had its own rewards, challenges and lessons, therefore, no mistake is possible; only experience. While not being a life goal in itself, to be an inspiration to all dreamers living in fear of consequences (which is most of us), is, in my opinion, a necessity in our fear base society. I constantly need to remind myself to stay in the present moment… the rest is only there to feed the ego (our lower qualities : fear, resentment, insecurity, etc…).

    I so wish you the best… and keep enjoying your life (although, I do not believe, it is the only one you got ;-) )

    • Kirsten Alana

      Thank you, Pierre-Yves! I think courage for me was not even a thought, I just needed to go and so I went. I really appreciate your words and am grateful to you for sharing them.

  • nightsowl

    just saw your bbc article, great job on your travel, and hey shoulda said hi on your recent trip to Toronto =)

    • Kirsten Alana

      Thank you! I’m so sorry I didn’t say hello while in Toronto but it is never easy when on a work trip to fit in extra visits not included in the itinerary. It’s nothing personal to anyone I could meet and I meet no insult, it’s just my work isn’t a vacation and my time isn’t my own. But I hope to return to Toronto sometime soon on my own when I would have more flexibility ;)