Visiting The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas and Experiencing Bali

I’ve just returned from Indonesia, specifically the island of Bali. It was my second trip to the country and while it wasn’t my first time on Bali, it was my first time really getting to experience Bali. My prior visit only included dinner, a visit to a temple and a short stay in a hotel in Denpasar. Far too short to see or understand very much!

During this trip, which was made possible by The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas, I felt I was able to gain a much better understanding of what makes Bali so special and different from the other islands in the country of Indonesia.

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Visiting the Central Park Conservatory Garden in NYC

When I am home in NYC between trips abroad, my love and I like to go exploring around the boroughs. Our latest little field trip was to the Central Park Conservatory Garden. It’s a place I have never been in the city, not in all the years I have used it as a home base. So I was pleasantly surprised to find there is really a lot to see.


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Living the Good Life in Fort Lauderdale

After the seemingly all day and all night super fun event that was Miami and the iHeartRadio pool party, I needed a little relaxation to help me catch my breath and re-charge. A trip to Ft. Lauderdale seemed like just the thing to set me right again because compared to Miami, it has a slower pace and a more laid back vibe while still being right on the ocean. This is almost essential for me. When I am home, I live in the city. And the pace of life in NYC is anything but relaxing for me.

But what else does Ft. Lauderdale have? I didn’t know until my visit and it turns out…all the makings for a VERY good life….

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Touring the Miami Art and Culinary Scenes

Of course my stay in Miami was waaaaaay too short. How could it be long enough when I only had one night, following the conclusion of the iHeartRadio Pool Party. I could have spent two nights or more just learning about the Art Deco in Miami. I did learn this, the city has the largest collection of preserved Art Deco buildings anywhere, with more than 1,200 buildings considered to be part of the Preservation League or National Register of Historic Places.

I’ll just have to go back again. And leave plenty of time to sate my Art Deco-loving heart on the next go round.

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New School Luxury in an Old School Resort

During one of the first golden ages that Miami experienced, architect Morris Lapidus brought to life a resort and hotel so luxurious, so glamorous — that its opening drew the elite from far and wide, even including the mayor of Fontainebleau, France. That property, which opened in 1954 is the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, Florida.


Along the way, its exterior, curved facade has been featured all over media, from daytime talk shows to feature films — perhaps most famously, the James Bond franchise.

How does a resort that debuted at the top of its game, stay at the top of its game? I do not know because I haven’t been a fly on the wall all of these years but as a guest there this weekend I can tell you the Fontainebleau is still a hot, luxurious, glamorous, hip haven on the ocean in one of America’s most glamorous cities. No small feat.

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