My Top 5 Scottsdale Recommendations

I should know by now to never say never. After all, I’m no longer a spring chicken and the amount of times I’ve had to put my foot in my mouth because I did say ‘never’ ought to have taught me something. Nonetheless, I’ve said many a time that I’d never ever make a “Top 5/10/20/100″ or “top anything” list, and here I am doing it.

When I arrived in Scottsdale, they actually had the most lovely packet waiting for me in my first hotel room, with 5 colorfully numbered cards. Alongside the cards were a request to use them during my trip to rank my experiences, the top 5 in particular. It was such an adorably presented request, I immediately wanted to oblige. Yet a day into my trip I knew the greater problem was not going to be breaking my own never rule, but rather playing favorites at all. Judging from the itinerary, the look of my surroundings, the tastes I had already sampled and the way my face couldn’t stop from smiling — I just knew I didn’t have a prayer of choosing 5 things out of the many many to favor.

So why am I now? Frankly, because I am a people pleaser. And secondarily, because the more I’ve thought about it, the more I actually think it makes it easier for me to to organize ALL the thoughts I have about my experience this summer in Arizona. I could probably publish 20 posts about the trip but then I’d never ever catch up on blogging about anywhere else. And I have a lot of catching up to do.

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An Evening Off the Menu with S.Pellegrino and Chef Michael Voltaggio

Last year, around this time actually, I had the honor of visiting Tuscany with Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino. It was a fairy tale dream come true in which everything that is passionate and beautiful about Italy was laid before my eyes, and put before my mouth before gladly being consumed without regrets.

When an invitation arrived from them this summer, to dine as if I were back in Italia once again but here at home in NYC – I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see what that would mean.

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Visiting The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas and Experiencing Bali

I’ve just returned from Indonesia, specifically the island of Bali. It was my second trip to the country and while it wasn’t my first time on Bali, it was my first time really getting to experience Bali. My prior visit only included dinner, a visit to a temple and a short stay in a hotel in Denpasar. Far too short to see or understand very much!

During this trip, which was made possible by The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas, I felt I was able to gain a much better understanding of what makes Bali so special and different from the other islands in the country of Indonesia.

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Visiting the Central Park Conservatory Garden in NYC

When I am home in NYC between trips abroad, my love and I like to go exploring around the boroughs. Our latest little field trip was to the Central Park Conservatory Garden. It’s a place I have never been in the city, not in all the years I have used it as a home base. So I was pleasantly surprised to find there is really a lot to see.


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Living the Good Life in Fort Lauderdale

After the seemingly all day and all night super fun event that was Miami and the iHeartRadio pool party, I needed a little relaxation to help me catch my breath and re-charge. A trip to Ft. Lauderdale seemed like just the thing to set me right again because compared to Miami, it has a slower pace and a more laid back vibe while still being right on the ocean. This is almost essential for me. When I am home, I live in the city. And the pace of life in NYC is anything but relaxing for me.

But what else does Ft. Lauderdale have? I didn’t know until my visit and it turns out…all the makings for a VERY good life….

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