A Berlin Cocktail Story: The Hugo

At our hotel bar, on the first night of my latest trip to Berlin, all dark wood walls and plush velvet with mood lighting suited to staying a while — I was intrigued when our host ordered a cocktail I’d never heard of.

Not knowing what to order myself, since I usually go for my standard Guinness, cider or glass of wine, I asked for the same, thinking, “Why not try it?”

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Travel Photography: Taking Great Photos in Mauritius

A trip to the island of Mauritius is a dream vacation for many people, it certainly was for me the first time I found myself there. If you get the chance to visit you will want to document your time there to help you remember the experience. It will truly be unusual and unforgettable if it is anything like my two trips. I publish these provided tips from a strategic partner in the hopes that they will help you take the perfect pictures with no regrets about moments not captured…


First, Do Some Homework

Do some research beforehand rather than just trusting that photo opportunities will appear, there are some places more camera worthy than others on this small island. Mauritius is a fascinating country that is famous for its pristine beaches, hospitable locals, diverse culture, and so much more. And while it is not large, there are a LOT of things to capture! Some of the best attractions include Casela Nature and Leisure Park, Central Market, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, Tamarin Beach and Chamarel Colored Earth.

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Outside the Neon Lights of Vegas in Red Rock Canyon

When I had the chance to travel to Las Vegas recently for an experience that promised everything BUT the strip and the neon lights, I jumped at the chance to go! It seemed like the trip organizers at Nokia really understood me from the first line of the pitch about what our trip would entail. I saw the words, ‘nature’ and ‘cowboys’ and I knew I could exhale and find a few minutes of peace and happiness.


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Top 5 Photography Apps for the Galaxy Note 3

As a follow up to my first post about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I wanted to publish a list of photography apps that I have been using to take, edit and share images on this smartphone.

While my lineup of gear is quite large now and spans many different manufacturers, my process is as it has always been, largely geared toward mobile. Or to whatever gets me from taking a photo to actually sharing it and letting the world view it, as quickly as possible. So I am always testing new apps, doing research into apps and generally playing around with them way more than I actually need to.


Instagram isn’t included in this list of five only because for me it goes without saying, it’s always the first app I download and use on any smartphone. However, I use it for sharing and community building. I don’t take or edit my images in Instagram, so I didn’t include it with my five because I wanted to share apps that are used for editing, not for the purposes of social media. Though many of these apps do both.

1. My top app on any platform is always VSCO and I can’t tell you how glad I am that it’s finally available on Android after years of being iPhone only. VSCO allows you to shoot in app, or upload images already taken outside the app, edit and share all without going anywhere else on your phone. It also offers the uber popular Grid site where you can have your own photography portfolio for free, hosted by VSCO and it regularly releases new and improved filters to continually make those happy who just can’t resist a little filter action. If you’re not into filters, VSCO still has a full set of editing tools that just improve what you captured in camera but don’t drastically change the end image. My favorite is the tool to perfect skin tone via a slider system, in case that wasn’t perfect upon capture. It also allows you to embed copyright information, including your name, into a photo’s meta data or you can label it as licensable with creative commons.¬†(I did show screenshots from it in the post referenced above.) View full post »

A Very Scottish Morning in NYC

I haven’t made it a secret that after just two trips to Scotland, I’ve fallen deeply in love with the country. So maybe it isn’t surprising that should events in New York City occur that have a Scottish connection, I always want to be there.

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