Winter Giveaway with Rank & Style, HitList and Flight001

If my recent post about Jamaica was any indication, I’m definitely dreaming of a getaway from winter. Since I can’t get away myself, I’m so glad I can be part of a giveaway that will make it a little easier for you, dear reader, to make your escape and to feel pampered like you would at a spa or on a shopping holiday…

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Where to Stay: Greater Scottsdale

I just read in the NYtimes that NYC is experiencing its coldest winter since 1934. So continuing on the theme of my recent post about Jamaica, I’m blogging again about somewhere that is nice and warm …… I really loved my first, very brief, visit to Scottsdale, Arizona with Spencer Spellman back when I road tripped across the USA at the start of my travel blogging career. But my appetite was not sated, I wanted to return for more. Thankfully, I finally got to go back in 2014 and this time I was really able to fully fall in love with the city and surrounding area. Though it was the height of summer, it was a perfect temperature for me since their heat is dry, not humid.  These are the places I stayed and each one is so special to my heart for various reasons… 

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Spencer Spellman - Love this, for many reasons. Thanks for the shout out my friend!

Leah - Gorgeous photos, as usual. I’ve never thought of visiting Scottsdale, but that desert mountain sunset is everything. I’d say it’s worth the trip for that and the pancakes alone.

Joseph - That dreamy pool scene is everything I want right now. Nope, that’s a lie: I want that sun, those cocktails and those colors in my life. Way to make me want to escape this dreary, grey hellscape that is NYC!

Dreaming of Jamaica

It’s yet ANOTHER freezing cold day here in NYC as I pen this post, wearing three layers and wrapped in a blanket. This is where I have been for most of the winter time and where I will be for another few weeks before I depart for my biggest trip ever on March 13. So today, I’m dreaming of Jamaica to help me feel mentally — if not physically — warmer…

2014-10-30 09.04.19-1
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Steve - Stunning photos. I have a friend who is always going on about Jamaica. Now I know why.

Kathryn Burrington - Some gorgeous photos here. I hope you get to go back one day (and I hope I get to go for the first time before too long ;-)

A Scotland Road Trip: Trossachs, Glencoe and the Highlands

I think everyone who travels to Scotland for Hogmanay should follow that experience with a road trip around the countryside. Having done it three times now I’ve got more than a few recommendations of where to go but I want to focus on this year’s trip with this post. We started, of course, in Edinburgh….

Black Rock Cottage just off the A82 south of Glencoe

Black Rock Cottage just off the A82 south of Glencoe

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Andi - For me I feel like road-tripping is the only way to really see Scotland (or Ireland) for all its glory. I am very unfamiliar with Scotland and would really like to get there someday. Just love the monotone photo of the horse heads gorgeous!

Kirsten Alana - Thank you, Ishay! I’m glad you like the photos. And I hope that a visit to Scotland happens for you sooner than later. So much good food that you could blog about.

Ishay - Hello! A Scottish visit has still eluded me to to date. I’m so impressed you’ve been that often. Can see why from the pics. And the animal shots are awesome!

Where to Eat and Drink in Edinburgh

You could use this guide for Edinburgh pretty much all year round but I gleaned all the information here during my three trips to Scotland over the NYE period, so keep that in mind when making your own plans and use this as a guide, but not as the bible of planning!;)And be prepared to get hungry while you read this!


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Tiia - Oh my… so many amazing dishes! I wouldn’t know where to start! And beautiful photos too x

Nutmeg Nanny - I NEED to get to Scotland. My husbands wants to go to Scotland so he can drink his weight in Lagavulin scotch and I want to go for the food :) That 1780 restaurant looks delicious and I’m honestly dying to try haggis.

Rachelle - Love this post! Hadrian’s Brasserie is amazing … had my first haggis there and it spoiled me for life.

Kirsten Alana - I’m so glad to hear that, Lori!! And let me know what else I can do to help. I’ve been three times now so I have a lot of knowledge to share. Not just in Edinburgh. But all over the Highlands and places like St. Andrews as well. Cheers!

Lori Lange - My husband has been trying to get us to plan a trip to Scotland. This is such great information- all of it! Thank you!