Venice, Italy with the New SPG Amex Card

Unless you’re new to reading this blog, you know I have had a relationship with SPG in the past, and this post is part of a new on-going project to promote The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express.

I was very happy to learn that this month Starwood Preferred Guest® and American Express debuted new features for the SPG Amex card including, most importantly for frequent travelers like myself, the elimination of foreign transaction fees on international purchases.

So when they asked Dante and I to take a visit to any international destination of our choosing in order to experience the new benefits firsthand, I didn’t hesitate in deciding we should visit Venice, Italy and The Gritti Palace where I had been on my own in the Fall of 2014.

venice italy with spgamex samsung nx500 photo by kirstenalana
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Who To Follow on Instagram: August

Nearly every day I am asked on Instagram, if I would be so kind as to re-post a follower’s photo and recommend that my followers follow that person [or account]. If I said yes to everyone who asked, my feed would no longer be my own and the level of “success” I have achieved in the app would no longer mean anything. There’s a balance to strike and for me, I er on the side of only ever posting my own photos and talking only about the clients who pay me to represent them with my original imagery. BUT — because I truly love to help people, it breaks my heart every time I have to say no. Especially to friends and people I care about. Also, my own following has come largely through being featured so it seems awful to say no in a certain respect.

I thought it was high time I start giving back by sharing some of the accounts I do really love to follow…

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Frida Kahlo at the New York Botanical Garden

Weekends are when Dante and I do the bulk of our exploring around New York City. Because he works a day job and I work a LOT when I am not traveling, from home, letting us out of the house on a weekend is like letting a kid inside a candy store! 😉

Our most recent adventure was up to the Bronx where we visited the New York Botanical Garden for the exhibit celebrating the work and life of prolific Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

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Stargazing in Chile’s Atacama Desert

I remember being in California, doing a road trip down Highway 1 from San Francisco, where we were caught in Big Sur after dark and the stars were so bright that they felt like they were coming down on us. It was borderline claustrophobic and yet oh-so-amazing at the same time.

Recently, when I was in Chile, I realized Big Sur isn’t the only place on earth this happens!

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