International Women’s Day & an Interview with Katarina Alaupovic of RUBY Magazine

For International Women’s Day I was very fortunate to be in Michigan, where my best friend and my extended family reside, celebrating our Grandmother’s 90th birthday. So when my friend Katarina asked me if I would help her launch a Kickstarter campaign for her new Women’s magazine, RUBY — I was so pleased to say yes. My Grandmother isn’t the only great woman I know but she’s certainly on the forefront of my mind right now and so this is partly in dedication to her that I support Katarina and I thought instead of telling you only about the magazine in my words, that I’d let Katarina tell you, in hers:

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Rachelle - I would read this magazine! RUBY sounds like a great project and I look forward to seeing it progress!

Katarina Kovacevic - Thank you, Kirsten, for allowing me to be interviewed for your blog! You’re the best.

And thanks to all of you ladies for your excitement and support of RUBY. Definitely check out the Kickstarter and feel free to spread the word to your friends and family who might appreciate its message:

Jennifer, have you ever read MWF Seeking BFF? I read it soon after moving to NYC and loved it. Check it out!

Jennifer - RUBY sounds like a really exciting project. This interview especially drew me in when you were both talking about trying to maintain female friendships. That is something I’ve really struggled with the last few years. As a military spouse stationed overseas with my husband, I’ve found myself desperate for female friends and trying to force friendships with catty women I would never put up with such drama and dishonesty from in any other situation. Why must we tear each other down instead of lift each other up?

Gafo francisco - i suport that

Kimberly @ The Daring Gourmet - How exciting to be part of kickstarting this new magazine. There are some good reminders here, thanks for sharing. Here’s to all the great women in our lives!

@Travelpanties - So happy you are doing this, Kat! you are so wonderful and inspiring! And I too just finished Poehler’s book and keep repeating her mantra, “Good for you, not for me” too! So awesome!

Liz @ The Lemon Bowl - Love the quotes – such wise words!!

Where to Stay: Greater Scottsdale

I just read in the NYtimes that NYC is experiencing its coldest winter since 1934. So continuing on the theme of my recent post about Jamaica, I’m blogging again about somewhere that is nice and warm …… I really loved my first, very brief, visit to Scottsdale, Arizona with Spencer Spellman back when I road tripped across the USA at the start of my travel blogging career. But my appetite was not sated, I wanted to return for more. Thankfully, I finally got to go back in 2014 and this time I was really able to fully fall in love with the city and surrounding area. Though it was the height of summer, it was a perfect temperature for me since their heat is dry, not humid.  These are the places I stayed and each one is so special to my heart for various reasons… 

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Katarina Kovacevic - Your photos are always so great! And you’ve got good taste in hotels, that’s for sure. ;-) Thanks for sharing this, my friend. Hope we’ll get the chance to visit Scottsdale again in the future!

Spencer Spellman - Love this, for many reasons. Thanks for the shout out my friend!

Leah - Gorgeous photos, as usual. I’ve never thought of visiting Scottsdale, but that desert mountain sunset is everything. I’d say it’s worth the trip for that and the pancakes alone.

Joseph - That dreamy pool scene is everything I want right now. Nope, that’s a lie: I want that sun, those cocktails and those colors in my life. Way to make me want to escape this dreary, grey hellscape that is NYC!

Winter Giveaway with Rank & Style, HitList and Flight001

If my recent post about Jamaica was any indication, I’m definitely dreaming of a getaway from winter. Since I can’t get away myself, I’m so glad I can be part of a giveaway that will make it a little easier for you, dear reader, to make your escape and to feel pampered like you would at a spa or on a shopping holiday…

It’s your chance to win $400 in accessories! I’ve joined with Rank & Style, the HitList app and Flight001 so that you might end up being the person to be given: View full post »