Let’s Talk About Wine [on Twitter]

I’m excited to be co-hosting a Twitter Party this week with One2One Network and The Seeker. My co-host will be the lovely Kristin Luna of Camels and Chocolate.

What’s a Twitter Party? It’s like a chat, where you tweet about a topic adding the party’s hashtag in all your tweets in order to be eligible to win prizes. Unlike a chat, you must RSVP in order to be eligible to win.

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NYC’s Woolworth Building Finally Open to the Public

This tour was provided on a complimentary basis in exchange for a review. All opinions are, as always, my own.

Dante and I love architecture and often we stroll around NYC looking for facades and interiors to capture with our cameras. So when we found out that one of our very favorite buildings was now, finally, open for public tours — we were very excited. We’d been walking by and wishing to go in for years but in all the time we’ve been together, the building was never open to the public. Until, May of this year.

The Facade

The Facade

What building am I talking about? NYC’s Woolworth Building.

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Kirsten Alana - Oh you definitely should, Caroline! It’s a very interesting and informative tour.

Caroline Eubanks - Gorgeous! A guy I went to college with is one of the guides. Looks like I’ll need to go on my next trip!

A Zebra Obsession

I’ve recently returned from Tanzania where I visited Four Seasons Safari Lodge in the Serengeti National Park. While we were there, the Great Migration was occurring and we saw A LOT of Zebra. I think seeing that many, that close, made me a little obsessed.

 As since we saw so many, and I became so enamored of them, I have a very large amount of photos to share which I don’t know what to do with…. View full post »

Kirsten Alana - Well, I don’t think zebras are easily had like ponies are. And I prefer to see them in the wild anyway. But yes, more animal photos coming from Tanzania. So many more!!

Vincent Croos - Why get a pony when you can have a zebra. I assume more animal photos are coming.

My Summer Wish List for Quebec

In the winter of 2014, I visited Montreal for their Lumière and Nuit Blanche festivals. It was so lovely, and definitely made me fall in love with the city I hadn’t been to since I was a child [growing up in Vermont] — but it was so cold. Right then and there I decided I really needed to return when it’s warm!

The chance hasn’t manifested itself yet but with another summer approaching I keep thinking of Quebec and what it might be like to experience this Canadian province sans snow.

Caption: International des Feux Loto-Québec Photo Courtesy: ©TQ/R. Fogel

Caption: International des Feux Loto-Québec Photo Courtesy: ©TQ/R. Fogel

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Julie @ Drive on the Left - I love Montreal too, but have only been in the winter. You have had such fabulous adventures lately, it’s been fun to follow along. Can’t wait to see more about your Four Seasons travels soon!

Marie @ To Europe And Beyond - I would love it if you came to Montreal and did those bucket list things with me :-) The city is fabulous in the summer.

What’s Coming up on Aviators & a Camera

It’s been a VERY busy quarter of travel for me and while I’ve kept largely on top of my social media and photography work, it’s been difficult to carve out time for crafting the kind of posts I really want to share with you that adequately communicate the incredible adventures which have filled my days. And the WiFi hasn’t been strong enough to support image uploads.

But while I have a minute, I wanted to take some time to preview a few of the stories I have coming up here on Aviators and a Camera…


Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

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